10 things I love about country living

10 things I love about country living

As you’ve probably guessed, country living is a huge part of our lifestyle. In this post you’ll find 10 reasons why I love country living, don’t forget to tell me you’re reasons too!

I’ve lived fairly rural my entire life, only once having lived in a city for less than a year. I’ve mainly lived in very small villages, or a mile or two away from the village surrounded by fields.

I now currently live in the most rural place I have ever been. No neighbors for at least a mile, and we literally live on a field. I did a post on things you’ll know if you live in the country a while back, and I suppose this is a bit of a follow on from that post.

Here are 10 things I love about country living.

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10 things about country living

Seeing the seasons

Living out in the countryside means you experience the seasons a lot more than in a city, I think. In the city, if it’s raining and grey, I can very much feel like we’re in winter again, even if it’s just an off day in the summer.

In the countryside however, you’ll know exactly hat season we’re in by the plants that are growing and the colour of the trees. It’s also directly related to how much dust versus mud there is on the floor!

Peace and quiet

I know some people like the sound of cars going past, but personally it keeps me up at night. I can also definitely live without listening to everyone walk home after a night out!

Here, if I heard people walking home from a night out, they would be very lost indeed! It’s rare, but the only people that come out here at night are the gamekeepers.

I also really like being able to listen to the birds and it not be because they’re trying to steal a chip! From the moment I wake up to the moment I go to sleep, there’s always some kind of birdsong or owls to be heard. The chickens join in a lot too!

The freedom it gives

Growing up as rurally as I did, I was often allowed a lot more freedom than my friends who lived in more built up areas. I thought it odd when I was younger, but now I realize how privileged and lucky I was to have such a fun and free childhood.

Now as an adult, having more freedom in the countryside often means being able to turn my music up a little louder than if we had neighbors, and not having to worry about what day or time it is to hang the washing out!

Having more pets

I very much doubt anyone would be very happy to live in a city and have chickens and roosters on the balcony next door, let alone the chickens themselves being happy about it!

Country living has allowed us the ability to keep chickens and not have them bother anyone. Once we buy our own place I hope to have a few more animals too.

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The lifestyle in general

On the whole, a country living lifestyle is a pretty good one if I’m honest! We’re still quite traditional in that Farmer goes to work and I stay home, but country living definitely makes it. I don’t think we’d live this way if we lived in a town or city, for example.

Growing your own fruit and vegetables

It’s definitely possible to grow your own anywhere you live, but I have to say it’s much easier when you have a kitchen garden or vegetable patch in your own garden.

We did have a bit of an allotment at one point, but with the Farmer’s busy schedule and it being waaay to far for me to walk, we barely made it there 3 to 4 days a week. That’s all well and good until it gets too hot for your plants not to be watered everyday!

It also meant we were limited to what we could do and the space we could use. At home we can add or take away space as needed. This year we’re trying out some rather large plants, so we’ve added space. That wasn’t possible at the allotment and things started to grow on top of each other, killing one or both plants.

Long summer days

I’m sure summer days in the city are lovely too, but there’s just something about sitting on the patio or deck, with a cold glass in hand, and just being.

No neighbours to hear from all angles, no cars, not the school over the road. Just the birds singing and the bees buzzing.

The interior design inspiration

This has got to be one of my favourite aspects of country living. My style is very farmhouse and country, enough so that I think it looks a little odd in any other setting.

If you have a very good eye for design, you could probably get away with country interiors in an old house in town, but to me it just feels better and looks better when the interior matches the exterior feeling of the building and surroundings.

A good example is if you live in a cottage, you’d probably have one style of design that looks and feels good in the space. If you were then to move to a new build or a very modern building, that same cottage style would look a little odd.

There’s ways to mix and match, but I’m not that talented – yet!

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Country living brings a sense of community

In a time of need far more people pull together, in my experience. The very short time we lived in the city, I felt very closed off and not really a part of anything.

Living in villages, or close to them, I’ve found much more of a community. More people greet each other, even if you don’t actually know them. People are far more likely to stop and ask if you need any help, or just stop for a chat.

There’s livestock everywhere

Not only do we live rurally, but we live on farmland. Not really a surprise, considering my partner is a farmer and has been for almost a decade!

I love having animals so close. The field we live on has sheep graze on it a couple of times a year, the field below us has cows, and then there’s horses and pigs up the road a few fields across.

There’s a lot of arable lands, which is also lovely, but I really do like having so many different animals about as well as the wild ones that come through such as deer, badgers, rabbits, and all kinds of birds.

So there you have it, 10 things I love about country living! What do you love about country living?

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2 thoughts on “10 things I love about country living

  1. I don’t partake in country living quite as hardcore as you do but I grew up in a small town where everyone knows everyone (it’s reputation is a bit questionable now though) and now I live a few miles from that town surrounded by fields of cows. I can honestly say that the home I am in now is where I am truly happy and I can relate to pretty much all of the points you put forward in your post!

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