About Me

Bluebells & Trees is a countryside lifestyle blog, telling you all about the real life of a farmer’s fiancee living in rural England.

About the Blogger

I’m Bella, and I’m the brains behind Bluebells & Trees. I’m a 20 something homemaker and engaged to a Pig Farmer. It’s definitely not how I thought life would turn out, but I couldn’t be happier with it.

Between blogging and housekeeping, I also look after our dog and chickens. This can require quite a lot of work sometimes, and I’m often not the favourite in the house when they need medicine or I have to do something they don’t like. They quickly come around when it’s feeding time though!

I try my best to show the real side of this farmers wife malarkey, it can definitely become interesting at times. In the end, though, it’s a lot of good fun and some pretty good opportunities and characters turn up along the way!

I also suffer from PCOS, which has lead to our fertility treatment journey – this has only just started, so you’re in time to catch up! It affects multiple aspects of my life too, not just fertility-wise. I’ve written about some of my symptoms and how I deal with them, all the way to how it all started.

I’m an old soul at heart, and you definitely won’t find me in a club. I’ve been to a total of one club in my life, on a hen do, and I left before 11 PM! I’d much rather be curled up at home knitting or reading, or maybe in the kitchen trying my hand at some new recipe.


About the blog

I started Bluebells & Trees to share my daily life in the countryside and to help others where I can. I like to think I do this in various ways, considering my most popular posts are definitely my Blogging with Anxiety series and my posts on PCOS.

I cover a wide range of topics, from blogging to homemaking, from cleaning to self-care – and why cleaning counts as self-care! -and even chicken keeping and book reviews.

I don’t share things like fashion posts or beauty unless there is a practical reason for it. I’m by no means a fashionista – I live in wellies and a camo jacket, need I say more? – and I very rarely use makeup or get the latest Lush product. It wouldn’t make sense to include it on my blog when it’s not part of me.

I do, however, share posts like looking after your hair in winter and cosy night in essentials. I class these under self-care, and whether you’re interested in makeup or not, it feels good to look after yourself.

This blog has only been active since late June 2018, and since then it’s grown slowly but surely. I like to think my blog helps those in the same lifestyle and areas as me, and it allows insight to the lifestyle to those who would otherwise be completely oblivious to the ways of the countryside.

I’m by no means an expert when it comes to living in the countryside – is there such a thing?! – but I try my absolute best to provide the best information and have fun while doing it.

You can also find a lot of the daily side of things on my Instagram and Twitter accounts, where I share a lot of what happens, as it happens!