How I became a Homemaker by accident

How I became a Homemaker by accident

If you follow me on social media or have read a couple of my blog posts, you’ll probably already know I’m a homemaker, and have been for almost three years now. There are various reasons I’ve ended up as one, and even more reasons we plan to keep it that way. 

When B asked me to move in with him, I was still struggling with my mental health enough that it prevented me getting a job. To make it even more stressful, I found out my education certificates and hairdressing licences didn’t qualify in the UK as I had done them in Spain, and they needed transferring over into UK documents. Just the thought of it all made me have panic attacks!

B was so sweet and understanding, we decided to start off slow and get me to a place where I was at least able to live a normal life – even if it was without a job at first. 

With B being so supportive, it only took 6 months to start lowering my medication. I was able to go to the shops when I needed to, I’d got more confident on the phone, and I was starting to feel more confident about myself. I wasn’t anywhere near “cured” but I was getting better.

It wasn’t long until I came off my medication completely, and we started to rethink the situation- me being a homemaker and B working. That’s what we had originally intended to do, wait until I was able to function in society, and then look at jobs. 

When it came to that conversation though, both me and B agreed that we actually preferred it like it was. B enjoyed coming home to the porch light on, a nice warm house, and having dinner ready for him. I enjoyed pottering about in the garden – even if it did mostly involve trying to stop the chickens eating the veg patch – I enjoyed the housework, and I didn’t ever need to worry about days where I was too fatigued or in too much pain to do much at all. 

It also meant we were able to keep the chickens, and eventually we got Kobi in 2017. Had I of gone off and got a job, we wouldn’t have been able to keep the chickens, and it wouldn’t have been fair to get Kobi since he’s too big to be cooped up all day. 

It ended up working out for both of us, so we decided to continue as we were until we couldn’t anymore. So far that hasn’t happened, and in fact we’re happier than ever the way we are.

I know a lot of people will think it outdated, but it works well for both of us, and it means we can do more with our home and we’re able to go out more rather than both be stuck at home every weekend doing the chores. 

If you’d like to know a little more about my journey as a homemaker, here’s a post on some of the mistakes I made when first starting out.


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