Blogging as a Homemaker

Blogging as a Homemaker

Since I started blogging, homemaking has always been a part of my blog in some way or another. At first I didn’t class myself as a homemaker, more for the fact that I did intend to go back to work or school. Maybe a little because I hadn’t ever thought of calling what I do as “homemaking”.

Either way, I’ve kind of fallen into homemaking. We discovered that this kind of lifestyle is better for both of us, and gives us more freedom in a lot of aspects.

When I started blogging, however, I didn’t think anyone would be interested in the musings of a housewife. The stereotype has been so overdone, I thought most think of housewives and homemakers as lazy and quite possibly unintelligent.

Blogging as a Homemaker

Then I became aware of the community of housewives, stay at home mum’s, homemakers, homeschoolers, and more. I have to admit a grand majority of this community is American, but I believe that’s because in the States it’s still a fairly common thing to stay home compared to in the UK.

As I’ve continued blogging over the last 3 ish years, I’ve changed and developed my blogging style more and more. In 2018, I decided to take the leap to self hosted. I wanted to stand a chance of making my blog into something more than a hobby in the future, and of course needed a DA score to do that.

When I went self hosted, I decided I wanted to focus more on homemaking and lifestyle rather than beauty and fashion. Personally, I’m not super into fashion or beauty – even though I’ve studied at beauty college! – so it didn’t make sense for me to be talking about it.

I also didn’t want to just go with the general topic of Lifestyle, as I could cover A LOT under that category. It meant I ended up with random categories with only one post, completely unconnected to the rest of my blog. I ended up going with “Rural Lifestyle” as a niche instead.

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Rural Lifestyle

I felt this was more fitting to what I was blogging about. I was a homemaker living rurally, and doing things that those who live in towns or cities probably wouldn’t think of or might not be able to do. I cover the chickens on this blog too, for example.

I couple be completely wrong here, but I also think it’s slightly more common for people to be homemakers, SAHMs, and homeschoolers the more rural they are. Be it because they are a farming family, living a little more off-grid than the rest of us, or simply took early retirement. Who knows, but I’ve certainly met more people in a similar position in the farming and rural community.

Being a Homemaking Blogger

Blogging about homemaking is one thing, but being a homemaker is another.

If you run a blog yourself, you’ll know how much time and effort goes into running a successful blog, even if it’s a hobby and not a full-time job. It still takes time to create content, take photos, edit, promote, etc. And that’s all before establishing a social media presence!

I can often go well over a month without posting on my blog, simply because my top priority is the Farmer and our home and pets. If we go through a particularly busy time, or something happens and I simply don’t have the energy to then write a 2000 word post about the laundry, I don’t force myself to.

On the flip side, sometimes I really want to write a post, or take photos and edit them ready for that GREAT post idea I have, but I have other things to do first. I often blog in the evenings after I have “finished” for the day.

This way I can still blog, without it interfering with the more important things throughout my day. If I do anything that I know would be a good post photo or similar, I make sure to take photos. I edit them later on and I’ll often share them on Instagram well before they make it into a post.

Obviously not all my posts are about the housework, but it is a big part of my day and so makes a big part of my blog.

It’s definitely made blogging harder in the past too, and not just because of it getting pushed back. Wanting to share more posts about a subject that is so normal and mundane to me, can be difficult.

Things that would probably make for good posts seem so normal and things “everyone knows how to do that/ what that is/ those tips” make it very hard to think of certain activities or processes as interesting in anyway. Similar to running out of ideas on a particular topic.

I do enjoy blogging about homemaking, though, even if it can make it a little harder in more ways that one! This may sound a little odd to some, but homemaking really is a passion.

Do you blog about homemaking? Do you find it a little harder to do? Let me know down in the comments!


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