Should you take a break from blogging?

At some point, we all take breaks from our blogs. Whether it’s your job, or it’s just a hobby. Some of us might go about it in a more organized manner, but there are also times where a break is unplanned. So, should we really take breaks from blogging?

I’ve been blogging on and off for a few years now, but I only really found my groove once I started Bluebells & Trees. Most of that “off” time, was because something came up, school and life in general. I didn’t have any scheduling tools so my blog was just left to it own devices. That always, without fail, lead to 0 views, 0 comments, and more often than not, people unfollowing me in the masses.

I asked a few questions on Twitter, and while the number of participants wasn’t huge, it showed a definite answer. Most of us take unplanned breaks, be it to avoid burnout or an emergency, etc. And it negatively affects our blogs. If it’s unplanned, then we usually don’t have time to schedule stuff in advance, and it can be hard to keep up with social media when you have more important things on your mind.

Thinking about it, it’s pretty obvious why it negatively affects us. Our absence from the internet is unplanned, but surely if we were organized it wouldn’t affected, at least not as badly?

Well, I thought about it a little more, and not necessarily. Taking a break from your blog will probably pretty much always have a negative impact to a certain extent. There are, however, a few things we can do so it doesn’t affect our blog as badly.

Be Organized

I know, I know. This tip is everywhere. But, when it comes to our blogs we really do need to be organized, especially is we’re trying to make an income from it and make it more than a hobby. Not only will it help in my next few points, but it’ll help with motivation too.

Have a Schedule & Plan

Blogging isn’t 24/7, and it shouldn’t have to be. In any other job, you get your lunch time and you know what time you start and what time you finish. Your day has structure, and more than likely you have a plan for what needs to be done first and what can be done later.

Putting this into practice with your blog will benefit you – and your blog – in a number of ways. Your blog becomes consistent, and there shouldn’t be any major catching up with admin or other tasks because it’s been dealt with in small portions.

You, on the other hand, get the down time with family in the evenings, remember to eat lunch, and know exactly what needs doing and what can be crossed off your check list! It’s definitely not easy starting a schedule, but once you’re in a routine things will fall into place.

Plan Ahead

With your new schedule and routine, planning ahead will become second nature. Having full scheduling tools and planning blog posts well ahead of time will give you the freedom of knowing if you need to take a day off for whatever reason, you can come back to it tomorrow and your blog will be fine.

When I took an unexpected break in August, my views hit 0 the first day I was gone. I wasn’t on social media either. When I did attempt to fill in some tweets I was so rushed and busy that it was a half-arsed effort. I would have been better off not scheduling at all for all the good it did!

Schedule time off

I think by far this is the most important. Schedule yourself your weekends, and give yourself some time off throughout the year. Your weekends don’t have to be Saturday and Sunday if you’re your own boss, either! Giving yourself time off will help you relax, step back from the blog – and don’t worry, it’ll be fine because of Planning ahead and being organized – and be with anything or anyone non-blog-related.

The point

This post turned into bit of a how-to, but my point is YES WE SHOULD TAKE BREAKS. We just shouldn’t wait for burnout or overwhelm to be the reason we take some time for ourselves.

We can’t do much about an emergency. That’s where having things scheduled will come in handy. We can however make the conscious decision to not let our blogs run us and our lives.

What is your opinion on blogging breaks?

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