Blogging tips to make it easier when you’re starting out

When I first started blogging properly, I still had loads of bad habits from when blogging was just a hobby I did once or twice a month. I was constantly going through “blogging tips and tricks” posts, but that lead me to try and work the same as other bloggers, which just doesn’t work for me. Here are my tips to avoid that, but still take your blog to the next level. Before you read this, I will say I am by no means an expert blogger. I’m still a smol little bean compared to a lot of other bloggers, but I do take joy in blogging and I’m proud of my blog. I share my blogging experiences with you all, as there’s nothing more annoying than people making blogging a secretive thing. There’s room for all of us! I’ll also say, I get that by the introduction this post might sound a little hypocritical. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with reading tips and tricks type posts, just don’t take them word for word! There are some great tips out there, but like I mentioned they don’t always work for everyone. For example, I’ve seen tips along the lines of “blog every single day” which I’d love to do, but my lifestyle just doesn’t allow for it at the moment. That doesn’t mean my blog will fail though, or that I’m a bad blogger! *This post may contain referral links.

Blogging Tips

Don’t take every post you read to heart

Like I just mentioned, just because one person finds success in blogging every day, doesn’t mean you blog will fail if you don’t. There are plenty of huge bloggers that post once a week, some even once a month! It depends on how you go about things and how you use your social media too.

Don’t feel you have to be super formal when writing

Using proper grammar is probably best – but I do know bloggers who don’t and they get on just fine – when writing posts, but don’t feel like you’re writing a school essay every time you open up a blank post. It took me a very long time to start adding in little bits of how I speak in person, but not only do I enjoy writing more I also get more comments and interaction on my blog. I see this tip written as “find your voice” but that idea lead me in the completely opposite direction. “Write how you speak” is a good tip to follow as much as possible.

Invest in hosting and domain ASAP

Again, you don’t NEED this to be a successful blogger, but it certainly makes a difference. Having your own domain and hosting means that everything is yours and you can change and do whatever you want, and the only way to get a DA is to have your own domain. I personally use SiteGround and WordPress to host my blog, and I really wish I’d made the transition before! I’ve written about how easy the process was in this post : How to start a blog the quick and easy way

Get yourself a media kit

When I first started, I had no idea what a media kit was or even why I’d want it. I soon found out how important it was when my first sponsored post came about after having a brand contact me wanting more information about my blog. I now have an amazing media kit -if I do say so myself – which the lovely Jade worked her magic with. If your interested in more information on that, you can find her contact details here.

Set yourself up on scheduling tools ASAP

Another absolute game-changer. There’s plenty of free options out there, so don’t let them convince you to part with your money before trying it, but there are some they you will want to invest in. I currently use Hootsuite -up to 30 scheduled tweets at any one time, for free – and I’ve just finished my free trial with Tailwind for Pinterest. I was so impressed I’ve signed up for the Pro version! Both have made a huge difference to my blog and my stats, and I definitely recommend them. If you use my referral link, we both get a free month on Tailwind – which gives you 400 Pin slots to schedule for the month!

Schedule content in advance

This is something I really wish I would have done from the start. It makes life so much easier, and you’re covered for if anything happens and you can’t continue your normal posting. Some people are so organized, they’re scheduled 6+ month in advance! I’m not saying you should go that crazy about it, but having a month or so buffer should give you more than enough time for Writers Block or anything else that may pop up.

Participate in Blogtober and Blogmas

Or one or the other, it doesn’t really matter! It’s a great time to catch up on content though, or even out how many posts you have under each topic. By the time October comes around, I normally know how many posts I would like to have on the blog before the year ends, and I take full advantage of these challenges. It’s not an absolute must, but I definitely see a benefit from it on my blog and it reflects in my stats at the end of the month. There you have it, 7 tips for bloggers! I really wish I’d known a few of these when I first started out, and here are some otherĀ things I wish I had known before starting a blog.

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