Book Review – While You Sleep

This is my first ever book review on the blog, and originally I didn’t intend to review books at all, but I really loved While You Sleep and I have to say it’s got me back into the reading spirit, even more than before. So much so, that I bought a new book the day after I finished it!

Anyway. Like I just said, I really enjoyed While You Sleep, enough that I want to share my thoughts on it with you all. I did a poll on Twitter, and it was very clear that it was a yes to the review!

While You Sleep

Title: While You Sleep

Author: Stephanie Merritt

Publisher: Harper Collins

Pages: 389

Genre: Thriller, Fiction

What I thought of the book

Where do I start? All round I think it was well written, and nicely paced. I didn’t feel like I was missing pieces of the book, and I didn’t have the urge to skip paragraphs to get to the action quicker. Everything written was important, and I didn’t feel like there was any filler.

I loved the plot. I’m between two ideas, whether it was real or not, but I think that’s down to the reader and their individual beliefs rather than the book telling you a precise yes or no answer. 

It’s set on an island in Scotland, and I like that where the islanders speak it’s written every so slightly different, indicating a Scottish accent. Zoe has gone to the island to get away from life for a little while, but that leaves people in a pickle at home, and the locals tell her the house she’s staying in is haunted. Zoe’s adamant it’s not, but things happen that she can’t explain. Add to that some odd locals, she doesn’t quite know what to think at first. 

It all comes to a head though, which is probably my favourite part. There are a lot of explanations and “oooh that’s what that meant!” from earlier in the book, too. 

I think the characters are well written too. Everyone goes to the island to run away from something, but enough is said that I didn’t feel like they were filler characters. 

It’s definitely an adults book, there are mentions of sex and a few other things that definitely aren’t for younger readers. The few sex scenes there are though, do fit in with the story and round it out more than if they had been left out. 

You can buy While you Sleep from various supermarkets – I got my copy from Tesco- or you can find it here on Amazon.

Please tell me how you think I did with this review! Is there anything you would like me to add to future book reviews?

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