How to care for your hair in cold weather

How to care for your hair in cold weather

A lot of us don’t realise how much damage the cold does to our hair and skin. I know I certainly didn’t, and I only found out about it and changed my ways once I studied hair and beauty at college. So, I thought I’d share my knowledge and give you some tips on how to care for your hair in the cold.

I’ve put this under self care as even though it could be considered as “beauty”, I also think of it as caring for your self and being. We do quite a lot of damage to our skin and hair without even realizing it’s happening, because we can’t see it. It happens on a cellular level, and happens in such a small way that our eyes don’t see it without a microscope.

How to care for your hair in cold weather

A lot of these tips I didn’t do for a long time. I either couldn’t be bothered to take the extra time, or didn’t think them to be true. They definitely are, and I’ve noticed a lot less breakage and hair loss in the colder months since paying more attention to how I care for my hair.

Water in the hair shaft will freeze

Yep, didn’t think about it did you? Neither did I! If you have wet or damp hair, and then go outside in colder temperatures, the water in the hair shaft will freeze. When water freezes, not only does it become a solid but it also expands. This will break apart the cuticle of your hair, making it feel dry and damaged. 

Doing this also affects your body temperature as your head and scalp get cold. It makes it easier to catch a cold or the flu too! Either blow dry your hair before you go out, or wash it early enough that your hair will be completely dry before you go out. Remember to use heat protection if you use the hair dryer.

Keep your hair hydrated

You should do this all year round, but especially in extreme ends of the weather. It will help protect against the cold and prevent damage. Your hair may be dead Keratin, but it’s cuticle still behaves according to the environment and what you subject it too. I love Aussie’s Miracle Moist Shampoo and Conditioner.

Treatments, oils, and conditioners will all help. Weekly treatments are probably best, and leave in conditioners will help once you’re outside.

Wear a hat

I probably sound like your parents now, but wearing a hat will not only help keep you warm, but help protect your hair from the cold. Your ends are most at risk, since they’re the older part of your hair and have had more to deal with, but keeping the roots healthy and happy will prevent damage further down the line. Make sure you use a hat made out a material that wont damage your hair too!

Don’t bleach your hair

I know this one isn’t as straight forward as not bleaching your hair at all, but try and take advantage of the hat season and go a little longer between bleaching your hair. Alternatively, you could go darker.

As we all know, bleaching dries out your hair. If you then mix that with going outside, into air that’s also dry, it’ll make your hair brittle and dry out faster than usual. Use lots of hydrating treatments and conditioners, and protect it like mentioned above.

If you already have bleached hair – I have lighter ends, for example – make sure you keep up on caring for the lighter colour. There might not be as much sun now, but your hair will still turn brassy if you don’t care for it. For this is shampoo my ends with purple shampoo.

Do you have any tips to help protect your hair this season? Let me know down below!


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