Christmas Decorations on a small Budget

There are a multitude of reasons you could be looking for Christmas decorations. Maybe it’s your first Christmas in your own house, or maybe you’re still collecting baubles and ornaments every year. Maybe you’re like me, and there’s just simply never enough Christmas decorations! Whatever reason it may be, I’m sure we can agree that we don’t want to spend all the Christmas budget on a fancy bauble. I certainly don’t, especially when there are some good cheap options available! If you wrap them up and protect them like you would with a fancy bauble, then they’ll last just as long, too.

Where to get Christmas decorations on a budget

I started looking at Christmas decorations way back in August. I wanted to plan my theme, and inspire myself before I was let loose in the shops. I even themed my wrapping paper this year! It helps me stay on track – like I said, there’s never enough Christmas decorations – and I spend a minimal amount and get exactly what I want. Keeping my theme in mind – I like to keep it as traditional as possible, with a few more modern/ fancy bits mixed in – I then have a look what’s about in the supermarkets, B&M, Home Bargains, and even TKMaxx or Homesense. One of my favourite places this year to find Christmas decorations is Tesco. I’ve found some really nice individual decorations in there – on offer, 3 for 2- and a set of 25 baubles in the exact style I wanted! It very much depends on where you are with your Christmas decorations collection on how much you should expect to spend, but it doesn’t have to be a small fortune. In the supermarkets I’ve seen sets of 25 for £5, sets of 50 – which include a star for the top and small tinsel – for £7.99 in B&M, and individual “fancier” decorations on offer – usually 3 for 2. This year I’ve bought quite a few little bits, but I’ve ended up spending less than £20! Depending on how full you like your tree, or what you can afford, £20-£30 would be more than enough to decorate your tree completely. It’s just looking for the right deals and sticking to what you want, rather than letting Christmas go to your head! *cough* me *cough*

I know some people worry about the cheaper Christmas decorations looking cheap. Not that it should matter that much, but if you look around for different finishes and effects, you’ll definitely find some that look how you want them to. Alternatively, there are some great DIY tutorials for Christmas decorations on Pinterest, and the only things necessary are some glue and a walk down a country lane! There are loads of natural decorations you can get for free, especially if you live in the countryside or near a woodland! What do you do to keep your Christmas decorations down to a budget? Let me know down below!


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