How we buy Christmas presents on a budget

Living on one income means we don’t have mass amounts of money to go spending on presents, but we still like to make an effort and obviously when there are kids involved we can get a little carried away. So, to stop ourselves from going bankrupt each Christmas, we make a point of making a budget. Here’s how we do Christmas on a budget.

Christmas presents on a budget

I have a few tips for those of you also on Christmas budgets. You may think it’s too late, but we still have more than enough time to sort out Christmas.

Start early

If you can, the January sales are a good time to get a few presents. This also goes for birthdays, so it’s a good time to at least have a look about. This one also doubles up if you are actually seeing people in January, and can wait for the sales after Christmas day to buy things instead of buying them before.

Take advantage of offers

3 for 2, 2 for 1, 2 for £15, 2 for £30. I could go on forever! There are some pretty good deals out there, especially in the supermarkets and places like Argos. Feel free to go mad in these, as you’ll often find you can cover multiple people in one offer or deal. We’ve done this this year, and managed to save a whopping £45 in one shop alone! They also do deals on Christmas decorations, if you’re looking for some of those too!

Christmas is for the Kids

This is a common theme every year with my family. None of the adults really expect anything, as we’re all more concerned with making every Christmas the best Christmas for the kids. If your budget is very small, don’t feel bad about making it a Christmas for the kids of the family. Just give everyone a heads up first!

Save throughout the year

Having a couple hundred pounds go out of the bank in one month can be quite a hit to a lot of us. However, £10 or £20 or however much you can afford each month is a lot more manageable. Having it go out in stages is a lot easier on the bank than having it all come out in one go, and means you can change the amount each month depending on your finances.

Have a DIY Christmas

If you’re really strapped for cash, don’t feel bad about having a Christmas where you make the presents! Tune into your crafty side or get the kids involved, and make something for your loved ones! It’s not the amount you spend on someone that shows them you care, it’s the thought behind the gift, whatever it may be.

What are your tips for Christmas presents on a budget?







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