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Why I believe cleaning counts as self-care

I’ve been using cleaning as a way to distract myself for a few years now, and I knew others were too, but it wasn’t really that big thing. Well, Mrs Hinch has taken over Instagram in recent weeks and it’s put into perspective just how many people use it as a coping method.

We went through  very stressful and unpredictable time a couple of years ago, and being a housewife I was alone most of the day. That would let things play on my mind, my anxiety get worse, and I’d overthink things to the point where I couldn’t think straight. 

I think we were decorating one of the bedrooms, so I spent the day cleaning and moving things about so it was ready for when B got home from work. Before I knew it, it was 6 hours later and I hadn’t thought about any of the bad stuff happening. That’s when I threw myself into it as a coping method.

I’d also not long come off of my anti-depressants in the hopes of getting pregnant after we thought we couldn’t adopt – which if you read this post you’ll know where we are with that – so I’m pretty sure I would have been all over the place anyway.

My house definitely wasn’t Mrs Hinch standard, but it was a cleaner than it had been. It’s hard to motivate yourself when you feel so overwhelmed and stressed all the time. Not cleaning the house only adds to it, though! Once the house was clean, and I was in a regular-ish routine, my physical health benefited as well. 

Hay-fever wasn’t as bad, the dust had obviously been setting it off even in the house, and I didn’t feel as sluggish as often. It didn’t cure my depression or anxiety issues, but it definitely made a big difference. 

Fast forward to now, and my house is very close to Mrs Hinch clean! I feel so much better for having such a clean home. Even when you go in the bathroom, and see such a clean toilet! I admit B was a little weirded out that I got so excited about cleaning, but he definitely hasn’t complained! If anything it’s helped him with claustrophobia – probably doesn’t help we live in such a small home either – and coming home to an extra clean home has motivated him to do the little jobs he’s been meaning to do for ages. 

So, cleaning definitely has physical and mental perks, even if you were to ignore all the studies done by scientists and the “kills 99.9% of bacteria” labels. You definitely can’t ignore all the people who have said it’s helped them after a loss or to regain control over their life. 

If cleaning has helped that many people, with various aspects of their life, I definitely think it counts as self-care. There are too many positives for it not to! 

Having said that, I know it can be very hard to find the motivation to clean, especially to the extent that every surface in your home is spotless. Start small, even if you just tidy and clean the bathroom sink and counter. You can find Mrs Hinch on Instagram, and there are multiple hashtags you can find other members of the Hinch Army under: #hincharmy and #mrshinchmademedoit are very popular. 

Are you part of the Hinch Army? What are your thoughts on cleaning as a way of self-care? Let me know down below!

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