My Cozy Night In Essentials

My Cozy Night In Essentials

I love having a cozy night in, always have! I especially enjoy it when it’s cold outside and I’m curled up in comfy PJ’s or in having a nice long soak in a bubble bath!

I don’t get to have them very often at the moment, but I still try to have a little time to myself in a bath ( I have to use my mums bath now as we don’t have one) or a cozy evening with B. It makes a huge difference, I think it’s a bit like self care. It’s easy to get stuck in a routine and not bother with the fuzzy socks to keep your feet warm or not think you need a  proper relax (or a “slob evening” as I’ve heard it called).

Either way, whatever you call it, I think I can say it’s best in autumn and winter time! When outside is cold and dark, it’s nice to be cuddled up and warm inside.

A Pamper

Some people go all out with their pamper sessions, and some just keep it to a minimum. I do either depending on how I’m feeling that particular day. I always have a nice hot shower or bath if I can though, it drives out the cold and I’m nice and warm ready for the cozy PJ’s. I like to wash my hair too, and if I’m in the mood I might give myself a mani-pedi, but that mostly stays to a quick once over with the nail varnish.

A movie

It can be a movie or a TV show binge, but the best bit of a cozy night in is the cuddling up on the sofa with a blanket. I like to put on some warm PJ’s and set up the front room for a movie marathon or a Netflix/ TV binge. It’s best when the sofa can be covered in blankets and cushions! 

I also try to theme the evening if we’re having a binge or movie marathon. Halloween for example would be horror movies, or nearer Christmas it would be some of my favourite Christmas movies.

The PJ’s are important!

Whether it be actual pajamas or a nice warm pair of jogging bottoms and a hoodie, your attire makes the evening. It’s not the same getting all cozied up on the sofa and watching a few films while wearing jeans as it is in PJs or joggers. It’s all about the comfort! 

What do you make sure you do on a cozy night in? Do you skip the bath and go straight for the movies, or is a bath or shower an essential part of your cozy night in?


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