How I decorate inside of the cupboards

I know this kind of sounds s little weird, but decorating the inside of your cupboards is a great way to spruce up a part of the house than usually gets forgotten about and to motivate yourself to keep them tidy! Here’s how I decorate inside of the cupboards.

Okay, so a lot of you will either think this is a very old-fashioned idea or have never heard of it before. I’d never given it much thought, until I started lining the bottom of my draws. I then got hooked, and most of my cupboards are now lined too.

I’ll get right to it, as it’s very simple and straightforward.

How I decorate inside of the cupboards

I’m sure people have used many different materials, but I used self adhesive film. The particular one I have I got from Aldi in a set of four rolls.

The back has a grid, making it easy to cut to the size you need. I sized it all up to fit the shelves and the bottom of the cupboard. I then cut it so fit, and peeled only the corner of the backing off.

Once I have a sticky corner, I lined it up and it’s relevant corner inside the cupboard, making sure there were no air bubbles. I then very slowly peeled the rest of the backing off, while sticking down the film. I used a sponge to help keep the air bubbles out and kept an eye on the edges keeping them straight.

It took me probably 5 minutes to do each shelf, which really isn’t a lot for how much it changes the cupboard! 

While I had everything out, I put everything back in order and organized the cupboards. All my cans face the front and are neatly piled up, and I have a basket full of sachets and packs that don’t stand up on their own. It’s made me irrationally happy haha!

It’s also made cleaning the inside of the cupboards easier to do too. You can also choose between any design you want! I particularly like the marble effect that some have in their cupboards!

Have you ever thought of decorating inside your cupboards, or do you think it’s an old fashioned idea?


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