Ecover Eco-friendly cleaning brand

Ecover Eco-friendly cleaning brand

It’s never been easier to be eco-friendly when cleaning your home.

Back in February, I decided enough was enough and changed all my cleaning products over to eco-friendly products.

Don’t worry, I didn’t just dump my old stuff!

A lot of the “normal” cleaners contained chemicals too harsh for the materials of the mobile home we live in so I couldn’t use them. I gave them to other people who needed or wanted them.

I then bought eco-friendly cleaners. I thought this was going to be a job and a half, as I’d not seen anything in the shops. I thought I would have to order online and have it sent to me. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

Tesco, and I’m pretty sure Asda, stock eco-friendly brands like Ecover and Method, and even have their own line of eco-friendly cleaning products. It’s never been so easy to be nicer to the planet!

Today, I wanted to talk to you about Ecover. They have very quickly become my absolute favourite! I always check what’s in stock when I’m out shopping.

My favourite eco-friendly cleaning brand, Ecover

I definitely haven’t tried all of their products, but I have tried a few. I’m going to go through them all in this post.

A word of warning, I’ve tried not to repeat “the best” and “my favourite” too many times, but it was HARD!

Laundry detergent

I use the laundry detergent from their Zero range. I have both the normal one and the one for delicates, so here’s what I think of both.

I haven’t tried their fabric softener, simply because I haven’t been using fabric softener. I rely on the tumble dryer balls for the winter when I can’t line dry the washing.

I’ll probably end up trying their fabric softener at some point, but right now I can’t say what I think of it.

Ecover Zero – Sensitive Non-bio Laundry Liquid

I’ve been using this the longest out of everything I have tried from them. I absolutely adore this laundry detergent, and I tell everyone I can about it! It has no smell or colour, so all our clothes just smell clean.

I know some people like having a fragrance, and in that case I’m sure their other lines of laundry detergent and fabric softener are well worth a try.

In our case, the water from the washing machine goes straight out into the grass. Because of this -and the fact that the grass around that area died while I was using non-eco-friendly products- I don’t like using anything with anything extra that’s not needed.

Since using this laundry detergent, the grass has come back in abundance and it tends to look a little like a jungle around there now! I think that right there is all the proof I need that this is the best thing I can use for the planet.

Ecover Zero – Sensitive Wool & Delicates Laundry Liquid

I obviously don’t use this one as much, as we don’t own many clothes that require it.

I’ve washed all our woolen clothes and delicates in it 3 or 4 times now, and wow am I pleased!

I found that with other wool & delicates detergents, it left a weird feeling on the material. This happened no matter how little I used in the machine!

I’m so much happier with how this cleans and cares for the fabrics. It doesn’t leave the weird feeling on the fabric unless I put way too much in – which would happen with any detergent if you put too much in as it doesn’t wash out properly.

Ecover Multipurpose Spray

I use this spray on pretty much anything. I’ve cleaned my fire alarms and CO2 alarms with it, wiped down the washing machine and the tumble dryer, even the washing line has had a once over with it.

I swear this will cut through absolutely anything. I’m yet to find anything it can’t deal with, so there’s not a lot I can say except it’s definitely worth picking up next time you’re in the shop.

Ecover Limescale Remover

I have to say, I really wan’t expecting much from this. I’ve tried a variety of limescale removers in the bathroom and at best they made it less noticeable.

When I wiped this one away though, I was shocked! It practically fell off when I wiped it down.

I decided to try other things like the taps, and again it left me shocked at how good it is. I don’t know what the difference is, but it works so well!

Toilet cleaner

I again have two of their toilet cleaners, and again didn’t expect much from either. Our water is so hard here I can’t drink it without it being filtered first.

The toilet builds up limescale extraordinarily quickly, and I’ve tried a lot of different products. I think the best I tried before trying these two was Bloo, but that needed doing twice to really get it clean.

Ecover Pine & mint Toilet Cleaner

This is the one I tried first. I didn’t expect this to really do anything as our toilet was so bad, but I was surprised to find it made a pretty hefty dent in the limescale!

It didn’t get it all off, which is why I bought the Black one, but it did a lot more than any other products I had tried for a very good price.

Ecover Power Toilet Cleaner

This is the one you need if your toilet is as bad as ours. I left this in for around 15 minutes, and the limescale literally fell off when I scrubbed it!

I was so amazed I texted my mum straight away and recommended it to her!

I use this once a month now to keep on top of it, and twice a week I use the pine and mint one just to keep the toilet as clean and sparkly as possible.

Ecover washing up liquid

This is the most recent product I have tried from them. I bought a small bottle of this and a small bottle of tesco’s own to test which I liked more out of the two, and this is by far my favourite – although tesco’s own is good too.

You know a good washing up liquid by how sparkly your dishes and glasses are after using it. Well, this stuff is GOOD!

I think I had picked up the notion that eco-friendly cleaners weren’t as good or powerful as regular cleaners, because I didn’t expect much from this one either.

I’m very glad to say I was wrong though, and I thoroughly recommend each and every one of these products listed here.

Have you tried Ecover yet? What do you think of them? Let me know if there’s something from them you think I should try!


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