Five Cleaning tips for Pet owners

Five Cleaning tips for Pet owners

Having pets is great. They become a part of the family, and each have their own little character and personality. We have Kobi, who lives in the house, and 8 chickens – and now one chick! – that live outside. The chickens have their own little cleaning routine, but I have to tidy and clean around Kobi every day, so here are my cleaning tips!

Kobi is a great dane cross, so he’s a great big lump of love. That means there’s a lot of hair in the carpet, and I gave up trying to make sure there weren’t any Kobi hairs in the laundry long ago. I do however, have a few good tips for anyone with a pet, that are a little easier to do.

Cleaning tips for pet owners

Get a good carpet stain remover

I personally love Dr. Beckmann’s Carpet Stain Remover, but you can use any that you think works. 

Obviously the aim is to not stain the carpet at all, but realistically with pets that’s probably not going to be the case. Accidents happen even with house trained pets, and who’s never accidentally knocked over a drink? It’s worth having it just in case, even if you do think it won’t happen.

Have a good hoover

Much along the same lines, having a good hoover is a must. I currently have the Vax Power Pet 4, and my goodness it’s amazing! If you can find it or it’s equivalent, I 100% recommend it. I even hoover out my chicken coops with it, it’s a tough bit of kit! 

Having a hoover that gets all the pet hair out of the carpet will work wonders, and it really makes a difference especially if your pets hair is a noticeable colour compared to your carpet.

Have a separate dishmatic for their bowls

It doesn’t have to be a dishmatic, but having a different sponge for the dogs bowls has saved many a sponge since I don’t like using it on their bowls and then on our plates and vice-versa. I personally use a different dishmatic head for Kobis bowls, making sure I know which is which.

Wash your pets toys regularly 

Do your pets toys stink? Kobis do, especially when he forgets them outside for a week! 

I wash all of his toys at least every month, even if he hasn’t used it. A quick spin on a gentle setting in the washing machine for anything soft – no softener, and usually with a disinfectant, and an extra rinse cycle – and a good wipe over with a dettol wipe does anything that’s hard or cant go in the washing machine.

Not only do they smell better, but if they’ve been left outside overnight the likelyhood is either a rat or fox has played with them. I don’t like the idea of Kobi then playing with them after that, since I don’t know what kind of bacteria they could leave on it. That then goes in Kobis mouth and all over the house.

Put away anything you don’t want ruined before you go out

This one probably seems silly to most, but it’s something to think about even if you know your pet won’t chew your laptop cable or shoes. 

Kobi is a big boy, weighing in at 45-50kg depending on the time of year. He’s about 3ft tall too, which means he’s just the right height for his tail to whip things off the stool or catch lower down surfaces and wipe them clean! He doesn’t mean to, you should see his face when he does catch something with his tail, but it does happen. Anything I know I don’t want falling onto the floor or getting hit or knocked over, I put up higher or close the door to the room so he can’t be in there unsupervised. It saves the cleaning and tidying up when I get home!

What are your cleaning tips for pet owners?


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