Homemade Chilli con Carne Pizza

Homemade Chilli con Carne Pizza

Last night I made this recipe completely on a whim. I had a packet of pizza dough mix and some leftover chilli con Carne, so I decided to make a pizza. All I can say is, I’m very very glad I did! This chilli con Carne pizza turned out to be blooming delicious, B even said it’s better than anything he’s bought from the shop!

I thought I’d share this recipe with you since it’s a great way to use up that little bit of leftovers that don’t quite stretch to a full meal on their own.

Homemade Chilli con Carne Pizza

I already had the chilli con Carne made, so you’ll want that to be done to how you like, or you can follow my chilli con Carne recipe below. If you follow your own recipe, don’t make it too wet or it’ll make for a soggy pizza!

The Chilli con Carne

For my chilli con Carne, I literally just chop everything up and let it all cook together in a big pot. You can do the same in a slow cooker too.


  • 750g of beef mince – you can swap this for veggie or vegan mince too
  • 2 bell peppers – one red, one green, both with 3 bumps on the bottom, not 4
  • 5-6 large mushrooms
  • 1 large onion
  • 3 chopped up garlic cloves – you can change this if you’re not a fan of garlic
  • 1 Old El Paso chilli sachet mix
  • 2 tins of baked beans – I use this instead of chopped tomatoes as it doesn’t water it down too much


First I chop everything up, and then put all the veggies and meat in a large pot for it to cook. It doesn’t take long at all, and once the meat is pretty much completely cooked I then add the two tins of baked beans and the chilli mix.

This gives us around 5 portions when eaten with rice, meaning we end up with a random odd portion. This is how I turn that odd portion into another meal.

Chilli con Carne Pizza

Ingredients & supplies

There are only a few things you’ll need once the chilli is made, so don’t panic!

  • pizza dough – I used Tesco’s just add water pack, but you can make your own.
  • flat baking tray
  • cheese – I used cheddar but you can use whatever you like
  • a cheese grater

See? easy peasy!


First, make up your dough. If you’re making up the Just add water Tesco packet, then this will literally take a few minutes to mix. If you make it from scratch, it’ll take a little longer but taste just as good if not better.

Remember to put down some flour on the surface you plan to knead and roll out your dough on, or it’ll stick. I use a little cornflour.

You’ll probably want to turn your oven on start heating up. I put mine on Gas mark 6.

Once you have the dough rolled out and on your baking tray, fold over the edges. I’ve avoided this step before and it’s not ended well! Most of the topping slipped off in the oven when I didn’t fold the edges, and as this is a chilli con Carne pizza I definitely think it needs it.

Once the edges are folded over, spread the chilli con Carne over the dough. I’m not giving a specific amount to add to the pizza, as you can add as much as you want, but I do recommend not overfilling it or pilling it all on top. Doing so will make the pizza very heavy, and make it harder for the dough to cook properly.

Now is the time you get to add the cheese! B is a complete cheese monster, so there is usually a ridiculous amount of cheese on absolutely everything. We managed to reign it in a little for the pizza as we shared it, but go with however much cheese floats your boat.

You can stick it right in the oven on the middle shelf, and leave to cook. Mine took around 10-15 minutes, but this will depend on how many toppings and how much you put on.

And there you have it! It’s delicious if I do say so myself, and it’s an easy peasy way to use up leftovers. It’s also cheap!


I didn’t use any tomato paste on the base of the pizza since I didn’t have any. I used the sauce from the chilli con Carne to act as the tomato base, but you can add this if you want to.

You can add different toppings, like sliced onion and mushrooms too.

Adding a very small drizzle of oil – olive, chilli, sesame, etc. This will help the toppings to cook and not burn.



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