Why I struggle to share my Homemaking journey

Why I struggle to share my Homemaking journey

As you might have noticed, I’ve been talking more and more about my homemaking journey. Both here and on my social media.

This is because the plan for my blog had always been to center it around homemaking.

As I mentioned in my post about blogging as a homemaker, it can be hard to write about homemaking for me. I struggle to get my thoughts and ideas on the subject out there.

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I thought I would elaborate on that a little more, and dedicate a whole post to it. In this post, I cover not only why I struggle to share my homemaking journey, but also why I still blog about it anyway.

Why I struggle to blog about my homemaking journey

Throughout my career as a homemaker, I have received negative comments and views from many people in person. Thankfully I haven’t received them online as of yet, but I have certainly seen others who have.

I have heard pretty much everything when it comes to homemaking. I’ve been told “it’s too old fashioned”, “it’s not a way of life for the modern woman”, “it’s against feminism”, and even “why would you want to serve your husband?”

I have also heard a lot of “you must do nothing all day” and “homemakers are lazy and do nothing but watch TV”.

This one I can kind of understand. I know multiple people who claim to be homemakers, and in the end, their partners have forced them to go to work because they simply didn’t do anything at home. Those are the people who give homemakers a bad name. If that’s the only kind of interaction you’ve had with the idea of homemaking then it’s to be expected that that is what people think.

More than one person has tried to get me a job without asking or telling me first. I’ve had multiple job adverts sent to me with the words “Thought you’d like something more to do than sit at home”. One person in particular even went as far as to discuss hours and wage with their employer!

They then complained how embarrassed they were having to tell their employer that both my partner and I refused the position.

Very few people have actually understood why we choose to live as we do. Very few have seen it in a positive light or encouraged us. I can name on one hand those who have embraced it. I have a whole list of those who don’t.

Having a lot of negativity around it makes it hard to open up online. If that many people I know in person don’t understand and refuse to try to, being online I am opening myself up to a whole new world of people!

Any time it was mentioned at particular events and parties, a barrage of unhelpful comments would come my way. Because of that, it’s kind of what I expect when I post about it online.

I have noticed that my homemaking content gets fewer views, shares, likes, and comments. I’m not entirely sure why that is. I’m putting it down to it’s not always easy to get your content in front of the right people.

There’s also the side of me that sees it all as… easy? Maybe easy isn’t the right word. Mundane?

I have all these ideas, and then when I come to write them out and take photos I think “who would read this though? Who is going to be searching for this? Everyone knows how to do this”. Then there’s the problem of explaining in enough detail for those who may not know how to and reaching a decent word count. I also don’t want to come across as condescending or patronizing.

When I think about it realistically, if Mrs Hinch can reach over 2 million Instagram followers, go viral and be on TV, surely there’s a little space for a homemaking blog, and people who will read it?

I know there are people who would read it, as I myself searched a lot of “mundane” things when I was first starting out too and asked family for advice. It’s a matter of finding them!

It’s a feeling of not being good enough or feeling like an imposter in the community. I know other’s don’t see me as that – or I hope they don’t! – but as with any niche or blogger, I get that feeling all the same from time to time.

Why I continue to blog about my homemaking journey

After reading that, you might be wondering why I still try to blog about my homemaking journey.

Well, I have an answer for that!

I blog about my homemaking journey because I shouldn’t be scared to share it with others. I know what I support and what I don’t. This I mentioned in my post about homemaking being old fashioned or not.

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I know there are always going to be people who don’t agree with it, who don’t understand it. In some cases are jealous that they themselves aren’t in a position to be able to be a homemaker.

That shouldn’t stop me from helping those who are homemakers. New homemakers mainly as I still have more to learn too.

I know that if I was googling and asking for advice left right and centre then others will be too. Some things I’ve not found any decent advice for online. Then I found that my grandma’s old super simple ways the best way to go about it.

I want to share that information with you and help you on your way to being a homemaker too.

I keep bettering myself and my content so you don’t have to wonder why this has stained or what gets that clean without ruining it. How to cook something super simple but absolutely delicious. How to get on top of your homemaking, and stay on top. I do it so you don’t have to worry if you don’t have family or friends to rely on for that information.

I hope that my blog is a place for people to find exactly what they’re looking for to better their lives as homemakers.


5 thoughts on “Why I struggle to share my Homemaking journey

  1. Girl!!! I know it’s hard to argue with numbers and of course if your homemaking posts are getting less views than other posts, then that can obviously make you feel like the content isn’t good, but I just wanna say I love these posts! As someone who loves watching Mrs Hinch, I can honestly say I was disappointed when I realised she was only on Instagram, so finding your wee blog was a god-send for me! Please don’t let other people get you down, like you said, there will always be someone (like me) who wants to read posts on homemaking! x

    1. Hi! Unfortunately, I do not currently take guest posts, but I’ll be sure to let you know in the future if I do! Thanks for dropping by 😀

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