4 Easy ways to make a house into a home

4 Easy ways to make a house into a home

After moving the first thing I want to do is make our new house into a home, rented or otherwise. It gives the new place warmth and character, and being in the UK I’m partial to feeling cosy and warm in my home. Here are 4 easy ways I do just that!

If you’ve been following me on social media or came here from my old blog, then you may know we moved house back in May 2018. Well, I say house. We now live in a cute little mobile home on the edge of a woodland – perks of housing being part of the job! Anyway, as I’m sure you know moving is mega stressful and we always end up with that one room or corner still full of boxes that takes 6 years to empty.

Our home is pretty small – roughly 450SqFt – and it was really getting to me that our front room was so cramped and not working for us. It was being a living room, dining room, and office! Last weekend I decided enough was enough and emptied the spare room completely too. I then put some furniture in there and managed to sort through some of my craft stuff and paperwork, too! I now no longer have the Room of Doom, and in under two months of having moved! It’s amazing!

To say the least, I’m pretty proud it’s starting to look a lot more like home. It’s exactly what lead me to writing this post, in fact. I’ve written a couple things that make a huge difference in making a house into a home, and they’re renter friendly too! So I’ll stop rambling and give you the goods!

How to make a house into a home – 4 easy ways

Cushions and furniture

If you have your own furniture and soft furnishings, get them out and put them in your new home as soon as possible. We had a huge built in sofa that took up most of the front room in the way, and it took us week to clear enough space to remove it. Once it was gone though, and we had our own furniture in with all the cushions and blankets etc. it felt a lot cozier and more ours already.

Hang pictures and frames

One of the first things I unpacked – planned or not – was the family pictures. A lot of them are on windowsills and on shelves, but you can hang them too. I know this can be a problem for renters with landlords rules. There are, however, a couple of ways to hang pictures without damaging your walls. Personally, I like using adhesive hooks or Command Strips as they don’t damage the walls at all.

Books, books, books

If you have any books at all, it’s time to either display them in a glass cupboard or put them on a shelf. There’s just something about a full shelf of books that screams cozy and lived in.

This also applies to DVDs, CDs, and any games – board or console, either way. Having these few things out on display, or even neatly in the TV unit or in a disk tower, shows that it’s a home and not just HQ and somewhere to go at night.

Personal items

Just like the pictures bringing warmth and family or friends into your home, personal items make it, well, personal. You’re never going to find someone else who has the exact same decor or that attaches the same memories and experiences to it.

For example, I have a big hurricane vase with bits and bobs me and B give each other. It normally consists of little things like pine-cones or funny shaped pebbles, but no one else will have that, and even if they do it won’t be the same as ours. We also have a few ornaments we both had when we were kids, and items we’ve gifted each other over time.

I hope these few tips help! I wanted to keep them simple and easy to do, I know I certainly didn’t want to faffing around for hours when I had loads of other things that still needed doing.

What did you do to make your house into a home after moving? Tell me in the comments!


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  1. These are some great tips! I’m about to move into a student house for my second year of uni so these tips will really help me make it feel like home!

    Emily // dailydoseofem.blogspot.com

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