How to declutter your Social Media

I’m continuing the decluttering theme today, but I wanted to talk about social media. We declutter and organize the homes we live in physically, so why not declutter and organize our online homes? Being a blogger this includes my blog, but even if you don’t have a blog you should still take some time to declutter your social media.

Social media is where we live online. It’s our personal space, be it on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or any other kind of social media platform. It’s where we hang our photos, have conversations, look at our friends photo albums. Living in a messy, crowded space where you can’t see your friends photos and your friends can’t see yours isn’t the aim. It’s like living in a house where you can’t have a conversation because there’s too many other voices all at once covering the ones you do want to hear.

That doesn’t sound like something I want to do – if it’s what you’re into, cool! No judgement here – I get way too overwhelmed way too quickly. I lose track of what and who I do want to see and follow, and end up thinking my feed is full of “meh” content because it’s not what I want to see. That doesn’t mean the content itself is “meh”, a lot of it is bloody amazing and a hell of a lot better than mine is. It’s just not content directed at me.

Declutter your social media


Ah, Instagram. The platform we all love to hate, and hate to love. I know a lot of us abandoned Instagram last year, but it still holds a special spot for me. I’m not the best by far, there are some amazing accounts on there – please teach me your ways? – but I enjoy it. I also think it’s where more people from my tribe hang out and share more of a community than Twitter.

Anyway. If you’ve left it for a while, or haven’t really been paying attention to it in general, then you might want to freshen it up.

Check your followers & who you are following

Check who is following you. I do this regularly to try and keep the bots to a minimum. The first time I did this, I found over 300 of my followers were bots or completely inactive accounts. It made for a bad engagement rate and to be honest I don’t want my follower number high than it really is. It feels false, even if I wasn’t aware of it.

It’s also a good time to go though who you are following too. I do this more regularly than I thought I did, but I’d never sat down and gone though every single person. But, in the name of the new year, I sat down and spent over an hour going through it all. I made sure to go to their profile, and scroll through their feed. If I wasn’t 100% interested, or completely in love with their grid, then I unfollowed.

Another perk of doing this, especially if you’re a blogger, is that this will even out your follower/following ratio and help tidy up your account.

Think about your feed

It might be a little hard looking at your content as if it wasn’t your own. I’m also not saying you should be super critical about your own stuff – we do that enough already – but it’ll help better your feed and content. I had a look through mine and found I had a lot of bad angles, and while it’s no secret that I’m definitely not a photographer, I also don’t want to be known for how bad I m at it.

There’s a multitude of other things I want to change and tweak about my feed, but I won’t go into that as it could be it’s own separate post! Just keeping in mind that it’s okay to change your content and evolve.


To be fair, I’m not a huge fan of Twitter. It’s definitely not where my tribe is, and I know it’s  great place to start a conversation but I find I rarely have anything to say on there. But, I’m still having a new year clean.

Check who you follow & who follows you

Much the same as with Instagram, there’s unfortunately going to be quite a few follow/unfollowers who have left you high and dry, or inactive accounts. You’ll likely find this across all social media, but if we keep on top of it and don’t allow it to ruin our experience I’d like to think it will become a thing of the past. The follow/ unfollow game is no way to become popular!

Go through your lists

I never used lists until last year, I’m afraid to say I didn’t really know what they were! Whenever I would get a notification of being added to a list, I would just follow it. I’m still not entirely sure why, but I did. It meant I was following a few random lists, and from those lists getting hundreds of random tweets appear in my timeline. Stuff I know very well I wasn’t interested in or following anyone who would post such things.

I quickly realised it was the list, and went on a BIG unfollow spree.


Decluttering your Youtube will probably be a bigger task if you yourself have a channel, but for those of us who don’t it should be a fairly simple task. In fact, I only have one pointer for this.

Check who you are subscribed to

I was amazed at how many channels I was subscribed to. Some hadn’t uploaded in years, some I wasn’t all that interested in to begin with, and some had changed direction so much they weren’t relevant to me anymore. I spent about an hour going through the list, and must have unsubscribbed to 50 or so channels.

I’m now only subscribed to channels I really do 100% enjoy, and I LOVE opening up Youtube now.


Another platform I love to death, Pinterest. This one is definitely the one I try to keep on top of rather than having to go back, since it takes so long to declutter. We pin hundreds if not thousands of pins in a very short amount of time – and Pinterest does actually have limits on how many pins it will store to the one account.

Your boards and pins

Like I just mentioned, Pinterest do set limits (source) and that means that if you’re a Pinterest junkie, you should probably slow down on the pinning and the boards.

If you use your Pinterest as a social media presence for your blog, youtube, or business, keeping it relevant to your niche and topic will help narrow this down for you. I have boards I believe my followers and target audience would enjoy just as much as I do.

Who you’re following

I don’t think there’s such a big thing with fake accounts on Pinterest, or at least I haven’t knowingly come across any, so that shouldn’t be too much of a problem. Do check who you are following though, as your tastes and interests change you might not want to be following that comic account when you don’t read comics and haven’t for years.

Other social media

I’ll be honest, I don’t use any other social media. I probably have an account of two from years ago floating about the internet but who knows!

In general, a good option to declutter your social media is checking on your following and followers. Cleaning this us gives your account a new lease of life, and I find it motivates and inspires me to put out better content.

Checking what content you already have on your profile is a good idea too. Go back through and check you are happy for that content to be there, whether it be a marker of how much you have improved or how your account has changed over the years, make sure you are happy with it being there.

Are you having a declutter? What inspired you to declutter your social media?

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