Things you’ll know if you live in the countryside

Things you’ll know if you live in the countryside

There’s a few things that country folk all seem to agree on, or just accept as daily life. A lot of them seem to be things people who live in the city either can’t stand or at least find them mildly annoying. Here’s a few things you’ll know if you live in the countryside.

Things you’ll know if you live in the countryside

You’re more likely to get power cuts

I never experienced many power cuts when I lived in town, and when there was one it was either planned for maintenance or a huge deal. Since living in the countryside, I’ve learnt to have a draw full of candles and a few torches around the place.

In our previous home  in the winter or in windy weather we could lose our power almost daily, sometimes multiple times a day. Thankfully our electric was connected to the farm we lived on, so we usually found out when the power was expected back. We’ve lived in the mobile home 4 months, and our power has already gone out at least 4 or 5 times. It’s not a big deal, I’m just waiting to see what winter brings!

You get stuck behind tractors 

Or any other kind of farming equipment. In harvest, it’ll probably be a combine or some kind of attachment for it. Muck trailers and animal trailers and lorries are also common

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You think city drivers can’t drive

They’re just not used to the hills, turns, and bends. Many a time we’ve almost been hit or had to stop because they think they can drive at 60 mph or more down a single file road. They also don’t seem to understand that there are places to pull over, we’ve been forced off the road – almost into the fields – before now. We didn’t have a 4×4 at the time so the car took a beating!

Having good internet is a blessing

We don’t have a landline or phone cable at all, and neither does half the village a mile down the track. We’re currently trying to get a dongle or a device that connects to 4G for internet, but we’re having trouble. Half the companies don’t give 4G to our area, some do but it’s patchy and can’t be guaranteed, and the other options are so expensive it’d be over £150 a month. I’m currently posting this through the signal my phone receives.

You end up liking the smell of manure

For some “like” might be a bit of a strong word, but you certainly get used to it. It definitely beats the smell of a blocked drain though!

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Everyone is irrationally suspicious of new comers

You’ve seen the stereotypical “You’re not from round here” scenes in movies, but it’s 100% true. Anyone new who drives through the village is watched through the windows. I admit I do this, but considering you have to go through two locked gates and a mile long track to get to our house, I think I’m allowed to haha!

At our previous address, people on their commute to and from the city would pull up into our driveway or park right outside our house on our grass. No idea why they think it’s okay, but I became the weirdo who stands at the window and watches you until you leave. Works a charm!

Wellies & boots become your favourite footwear

Okay maybe not your favourite. It sure beats having wet socks though! Since moving out to the country and living on a farm, I’ve gone through at least 3 pairs of wellies – currently in need of new ones too -and have a pair of work boots with steel caps. I used to wear cute little ankle boots and converse or trainers. I ruined every single pair.

Is there anything I’ve forgotten? Let me know down below!


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