How to Simplify your day

Throughout December 2018 I started planning and setting up what I wanted to do in the New Year. I’m still doing this, but one of my biggest goals is to simplify my life and make things easier for myself. If I did a post on how to simplify your entire life, it would seem like such a huge chore. So first, here’s how to simplify your day.

How to simplify your day

“Simplify your day” doesn’t mean not doing anything, it means being more productive in less time. There’s no need for the faff and extra bits that just weigh you down. We’ve put a big emphasis on more. More clothes, more food, more stuff. More turns into clutter. While I’m definitely not about to become a minimalist, I still don’t want to be doing and spending more than I have to.

Wake up and get up

How many of us lay in bed for an extra 30 minutes on our phones? I’m going to say the majority of us do it, even though we know we shouldn’t be. Not only does staring at our phones screw up our sleeping cycle but social media bombards us with messages. Be it good or bad, it instantly sets up how our day is going to be.

Try putting your phone in another room, or on the other side of the room. It will help you make sure you get up when the alarm goes off, and it’ll stop you from being able to lie awake for hours on your phone too.

15 minute tidy

If something is out of it’s place, in another room or generally not where it lives, put it back to where it belongs. Having a tidy home will make the housework so much easier. Another perk? It clears your mind for other projects and jobs that need to be done. Less work time and more play time!

15 minutes is all you need to get a general tidy done, and you can go about your day. In the case of being a homemaker like me, I use this 15 minute tidy to set myself up for the day. I’m more likely to get the housework finished, simply because I don’t have to keep stopping half way through.

Have a to-do list

Don’t go crazy with this. The to-do list isn’t there to overwhelm you when you end up writing down 30+ things. I write down my top 5 most important things to do that day. I then write 3 to 5 little things that could be done if I finish the top 5 with time to spare. I’ll also write down any nagging thoughts or future to-do’s that I want to remember. These aren’t necessarily important right then and there.

Your to-do list is there to simplify your day. You know exactly what you want to get done Once it’s done you can tick it off and you don’t have to think about it again. Don’t allow it to become a drain on your day, or feel you absolutely must finish the entire list. It’s okay for things to move over to the next day once in a while.

Have a little brain dump

I know loads of people who hate the words “brain dump”, but roll with it for a second. Much like I just mentioned with writing down any nagging to-do ideas, but won’t do them that day, that’s exactly what you should do every day.

Have a notebook or part of your diary or planner where you write down anything that comes to mind. This way you know it’s somewhere safe, and won’t be forgotten, but your brain doesn’t have to keep reminding you of it and can focus on other things.

I know my brain likes to keep on about taking the bins down the track – since we can’t get our bins taken away from our house. Or if there’s something that needs paying, buying, washing, or folding. Even if it’s not the right time of year my brain will keep reminding me until I write it down.

Start small

It’ll be almost impossible to stick to a completely new routine if you haven’t done anything like it before. Maybe start with doing the 15 minute tidy, of the brain dump and to-do list. It’ll make life a lot easier if you ease yourself into it and don’t force yourself  to try and change your entire routine in one day.

How do you simplify your day?


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