5 things to add to your Spring Cleaning list

5 things to add to your Spring Cleaning list

Spring is right around the corner – unless you consider it to already be here with the constant 18C- so Spring cleaning is something that a lot of us will be thinking about.

It can sometimes be hard to know where to start, or where to finish, when it comes to spring cleaning. We all kind of know the cleaning part; move the sofas about and hoover underneath, etc. But is that enough? How deep should you clean? Do you even need a proper Spring clean, or do you just follow a regular weekly routine all year round?

It can be hard to know what to do and what not to do sometimes. I know I struggled to get to grips with it the first year living with my farmer. Sure, I’d helped out my grandparents when they did their Spring Cleans, but when it’s actually you organizing it, and not just being given a cloth and told to dust -I was very good at it apparently! – it can become confusing.

So, here are x things you simply must add to your Spring Cleaning List.

5 things to add to your Spring Cleaning list

Outdoor furniture maintenence

If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen I was talking about sanding down the chairs and table outside, and painting them. A friend of mine said it looks like a lot of work, and she’d probably just by a new set every few years.

This is such a huge waste of money! I was so shocked, I didn’t know what to say. It would take all day to do everything in one go, but what’s a little work compared to such a lovely result? Plus, you save yourself a lot of money. It’s also just a huge waste in general, considering it’ll probably be made out of wood or plastic.

This also goes for the sheds, fences, etc. Anything that is out in the weather should get a little sanding and new coat of paint. Furniture wise you could probably get away with doing it every other year if it’s put away carefully at the end of summer.

Gardening and veggie patches

If you’re lucky enough to have enough space for planting flowers, trees, shrubs, or even a veggie patch, Spring is a great time to sort it out.

You’d probably want to keep sowing indoors or in a greenhouse until after the last frost, but having a plan isn’t the fun part. It’s the planting it out and setting it up that is!

We very recently went to a garden center and got ourselves a few things to plant in the veggie patch, and I can’t wait for the first mini harvest in a few months!

Restock your pantry

If you’re lucky enough to have a full on pantry, I’m incredibly jealous. If not, don’t worry, as you can still use a chest freezer, cupboards, or even an extra fridge in the shed.

Around this time of year I seem to run out of absolutely everything at once. I don’t know how, but I seem to use no oil in the summer or winter, but as soon as Spring hits it’s all gone within a week. Same with the majority of herbs, spices, etc. in my cupboards.

So, I use the deep cleaning of my cupboards as a way to take note of things we do have, things we don’t, and stuff that’s going to run out soon. We then do a big shop and get as much as we can.

This may not work for everyone though. We do it this way as we normally do a monthly shop anyway, but if you do a weekly shop or don’t have space, don’t feel the need to buy 10 different herbs and spices that you won’t use!

Home decorating

You certainly don’t need to change your carpets every year, but if there is a project you’ve been thinking about all winter, go for it!

That could be redecorating the kitchen, or changing the floor in the bathroom – that’s what we did! Don’t feel you have to do everything at once either, because it ends up a lot messier than need be! One room or project at a time is enough, and makes a huge difference!

If there aren’t any big projects, have you considered adding soft furnishings and accessories? Cushions on the sofa can completely change a rooms vibe, or even a house plant! We got a Venus flytrap and an indoor “air cleaning plant” while at the garden centre and it really does make a huge difference having something green in the house.

Home maintenance

Once winter has passed and you can really asses the weather damage, you’ll porobaly find a few little jobs that could do with being done.

There’s also just random jobs that need doing every year. making sure all the plumbing is working, unblocked, and sealed properly, touching up paint or cleaning scuff marks off the walls, vacuuming and powdering the mattresses, clearing gutters, etc.

Go around the house and add these jobs to your list. Big jobs should have been taken care of ASAP, but little things may go unnoticed and should be checked and corrected at least once a year.

2 Things that shouldn’t be on your spring cleaning list

One of the biggest mistakes I made was adding unnecessary jobs and tasks to my list, making it seem twice as long as it was. That just made me feel overwhelmed, and even put the farmer off.

So, here are a couple of things you should avoid putting on your spring cleaning list!

Your regular cleaning routine

Not only should you do your regular cleaning before even thinking about doing a Spring clean, but adding it to your Spring cleaning list will just make your list so much longer than it needs to be.

You can easily add 5 to 10 tasks per room by adding it, and while I really love having it all in one place, it’s not helpful when it makes my list overwhelming and a really hard job to follow.

Don’t plan your spring cleaning around shopping trips

Okay, maybe not quite something to add to the list or not, but don’t pan your Spring clean around a shopping trip.

Plan your shopping trip around your spring clean.

Make sure you know exactly what you need for certain jobs to be done – like a trip to the garden center for the garden, a hardwear store to get tools or silicone, etc. – not the other way around.

It makes it a very expensive time of year, and it’s a pain in the bum when you inevitably get too much or too little or forget certain things entirely. Spring cleaning doesn’t need to cost anything at all if it’snot needed, so don’t fool yourself into spending money. I’ve done it before!

What do you make sure is on your spring cleaning list? What do you leave off of it? Leave your thoughts down below!


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