What is Blogmas?

If you’re reading this on the day it’s posted or very soon after, you probably still have a week or so before Blogmas starts. That’s still enough time to find out what it is, how to participate, and actually get in on the action!

To be fair, it’s very very similar to Blogtober. So much so, I’m not sure it warrants it’s own post, but since I know a lot more people hear about Blogmas than they do about Blogtober, I thought I’d give you the information anyway, just in case.


Also known as Vlogmas in the Youtube Community, Blogmas is when content creators share 24 days of Christmassy content on their platforms. They post every single day, and yes that’s a lot, but it’s a week less than Blogtober’s content!

It starts on the 1st of December, and follows through to the 24th of December. I have seen people post on the 25th of December as part of the challenge, too!

I’ve also seen “12 days of Blogmas/ Vlogmas” but I’ve not seen it anywhere near as much as the traditional 24 days. I suppose it depends on how busy you are! Which considering it’s Christmas, I would imagine you’re quite a busy bee.

Either way, 12 days or 24, the whole idea is to share more content than normal for the holiday. I’ve also noticed people use the week between Christmas day and New Year to take a little break, and prepare for the following year – I plan to do this, this year!

How do I participate?

Much the same as Blogtober, it’s just up to you to produce the content! You don’t have to sign up for anything or join any groups – unless you want to! – to participate. Literally posting to your blog and doing the challenge is all you need to do.

Really you don’t need to post to your blog either. If you’re an Insta Blogger for example, and post short blogs on there, you can also participate in the Blogmas challenge on there! I wouldn’t recommend doing it on Twitter, since a tweet isn’t really long enough and doesn’t last long enough on peoples feeds.

You can use hashtags like #blogmas in your promo tweets about your Blogmas posts too! I know #blogtober is popular while the challenge is on, so take advantage of Blogmas hashtags too.

Blogmas tips

Much the same as Blogtober, you should really prepare as much in advance as possible. Blogging every day quickly gets on top of you, and if anything happens and life gets in the way – which is quite likely around the holidays – you’re then left with gaps. When this happens to be – and it does every single time I go to participate in any challenge! -I often try to fill in the gap AND the current day, which leads to burn out. Forget the gap, move on, it’s fine. Fill it in after the challenge, or if you find yourself ahead on content go back to it.

The content for your Blogmas challenge doesn’t have to be Christmas themed. It could be winter themed, or fashion themed, or beauty, or don’t even theme it at all! Just fill up some of your categories and even out the number of posts per category. It’s not just for people who celebrate Christmas, so it doesn’t have to be centered around it.

Like I mentioned above, using the #blogmas hashtags will help get your posts seen more too!

You certainly don’t have to participate in Blogmas, either. If it’s not your thing, just carry on with what your doing anyway! There’s no rules saying all bloggers have to participate in the challenge, so if you’re not able to, or like I say it’s not your thing, don’t feel you have to!

What are your thoughts on Blogmas and similar challenges?

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