Worst mistakes I’ve made as a blogger

Over the last 5 months, I have been working hard on my blog and social media and I’ve learnt a lot. I’ve realized there has been quite a few mistakes I’ve made during the time I’ve been blogging, and I wanted to share them with you.

Back in November, I started working with Jade on upping my Pinterest game through her wealth of knowledge on the platform. I progressed so quickly, I was almost in shock! I really didn’t expect to see results that fast, but I was definitely glad I did!

With over double my usual monthly page views that month, I started working on refining my niche and really concentrating on what content I was putting out. I took a really hard look at myself, my blog, my brand, and what I was putting on social media.

It was definitely an eye opening experience! I first started playing about with blogging years ago, but I never realized how much I was missing out on until recently.

Worst mistakes I’ve made as a blogger

Ignoring how important an email list is

I’ve been blogging “properly” for almost 3 years at the time I’m writing this, and have rebranded in that time. For some unknown reason, I was adamant I didn’t need an email list, that I would put out a newsletter, and it wouldn’t be beneficial to my blog.


If I had started one on my first blog, the majority of my readers would now be reading this blog, instead of having forgotten about my existence. There is still a few who have followed me over – If that’s you, thank you! – but a grand majority of people didn’t. It’s one of those things I suppose, but it’s definitely not a mistake I plan to make again!

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Not thinking about a niche

Now, you definitely don’t need a niche. In fact, this post isn’t exactly “on brand” for me, but I share posts about blogging occasionally anyway. But, on the other hand, it is important to think about what you want to post and who it’s directed at.

I don’t know why, but I only semi did this when I rebranded. I’m lucky that I did know more or less where I wanted to take my blog, but I could have planned a lot more than I did, and I would have gotten the ball rolling a lot quicker.

Since I’ve actually had a sit down and looked at it all, I’ve put out some content that I’m really blooming proud of and feel it represents exactly what I want to be known for.

Not using social media to my advantage

Wow, was I missing out! Not only was I really missing out on the wonders of Pinterest (thank you Jade!) but I was also seriously missing out on a whole community on Instagram!

I have more followers on Twitter, by far, but I’ve started paying attention to where my actual target audience is, and I’m seeing much better interaction and engagement from those who read my blog.

Twitter was and is great, and I still use it, but it’s not where I’m focusing my efforts anymore. I used to think that I had to be on Twitter constantly, which lead to overwhelm, and ultimately not using it at all for 3 months.

Using the wrong social media platforms

I don’t mean I was using some weird platform absolutely no one had heard of. I was using the same platforms as everyone else, but that’s the problem.

For some reason Twitter was always in my mind as “you need a Twitter account or you are no one”. I put all my effort into Twitter, and I did gain followers fairly quickly.

Only problem with that, is that they’re not my audience. A Grand majority of my Twitter followers simply aren’t interested in my niche. And that’s okay! There’s a reason they followed me in the first place right? But, one of the main objectives with our social media following is that they turn into our blog readers too. I’m lucky if I get 1 person read my blog from one Tweet.

On the other hand, Instagram was a platform I really struggled to get into. I really wish I didn’t take that long to create an account or use it as that’s where my audience is. I have a much, much smaller following but I get way more people click through to read my blog from one post.

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Not making friends

This one is difficult, especially as I’m quite shy and an introvert anyway, but I really do wish I would have made more friends when I first started blogging.

I met Jade through blogging – a twitter chat to be specific!- and consider her one of my best friends as well as amazing coach, so I know I can do it!

Saying that, it can become very easy to feel out of the loop and “on the sidelines” of the community. It’s definitely not the community itself, for the most part they’re a lovely bunch of people, but I seem to have self segregated myself from the larger group!

Thinking an editorial calendar was too “professional”

What on earth was I thinking!? For ages I just kind of floated from post to post, not having any kind of schedule or routine. All it lead to was a lot of crappy posts, that weren’t well thought out or anything to do with my niche sometimes!

I’m still working on my editorial calendar layout and how I need everything to be for it to be of use, but I’m doing a lot better at the whole blogging thing since starting one!

Not being consistent

On social media or on my blog! I’m not sure why – there seems to be a theme going! – but I never even thought of how being consistent would affect my stats in any way. I’ve now wised up, and realized that it can make or break your numbers, but it’s taken me a while to get to that!

If I had been consistent fron the start, I would be a lot further along in my blogging career than I am now, that’s for sure!

Not working on my photography sooner

I’ve never been very good at photography, but I’m a lot better than I was! I put off worrying about my blog images for way too long, and it was definitely a big mistake.

I thought that if my writing was good, then my images didn’t really matter. Wow, was I wrong! And to be honest, my writing wasn’t that great when I first started either.

You certainly don’t need a new camera and photography equipment, but it really does help! I’ve also read a bunch of photography tips and advice posts, as well as taking Jade’s advice – Jade’s just brilliant at the whole thing, TBH.

Not treating it like a business

My blog is still more on the hobby side, but with how it all works, if you want your blog to be popular or successful, then you definitely need to treat it like a business even if it’s not.

I spent a very long time convinced that it wouldn’t make a difference, that I didn’t need to be organized or keep track of what I was spending on hosting and resources. I didn’t think it was important, since I don’t currently make money from my blog.

As you can tell, I’ve made quite a few mistakes! I’m sure there’s more, but I think this is enough for now ha ha!

What are your thoughts? Have you done any of these things? Let me know in the comments!

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